Cyber Bullying

What is Cyberbullying?


Cyberbullying takes on many forms with fandoms.


  • Fans group together and decide to harass members of other parts of the fandom over beliefs and ideologies.
  • They spread false rumors designed to hurt the reputation of another fan or group of fans.
  • They created fake (sock puppet) accounts to harass.
  • They start harassing cast and crew of the show over storylines
  • Fans who believe in different relation(ships) start fighting over whose ship is better and it gets out of control.

Arguments and disagreement are going to happen no matter what you do online. Sometimes however these disagreements get a bit nasty and all of a sudden instead of being in a debate with someone over why you enjoy something; you are being attacked for your beliefs, having lies spread about you and you may not know what to do.

These are all form of bullying.

As an Outlander fan we are offering you tools and practices to help you get through this nasty ordeal.


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