Reporting and Proof

One of the tricks of harassers is to post hate and delete before the platform can get around to reviewing the complaint.


Screen caps are good but they can be altered in Photoshop and even if you don’t more than likely the bullies will claim you did.

A simple method to show you did not alter screen caps is to take your phone and video the bully’s page focusing in on the offending tweets, clicking on them to show you are actually online and then back out.  It’s pretty hard to fake that kind of a video.

Another method is to capturing the feed to a 3rd party website that will archive the offending tweet or post and prevent accusations of tampering later. is one such site. Copy the url to either the tweet or the account and it instantly archives the page so if the Social Media site finds that the post you reported no longer exists or if it’s from a habitual cyber bully you will have incontrovertible proof of this harassment.


There are a few other sites that are more commercial in nature that will do the same thing.



Remember do not engage when reporting, do not bait the bully to get more things to report, and stay safe.


How to report bullying and hateful content when you are blocked on Twitter.

So you’ve been blocked by one of the Twitter bullies but your friends are saying that they are posting hateful things about you?

What do you do?  You should not start calling them out and reopen the war of words but if you feel that the posts are hateful towards you you can still report them.

Here’s how:

  1. Unless their tweets are protected you can see them by logging out of your account on Twitter and then opening a browser and surfing to their Twitter account.
  2. Find the tweets you feel are defamatory/hateful and open them up.  Copy the url of that tweet to a notepad or to a place where you can retrieve it later.
  3. Do this for all Tweets you wish to report. – copy the url.
  4. Also remember to screen cap the feed from the account level and use the website.
  5. Now log back into Twitter
  6. Go to their account where it says you are blocked and open up the gear icon.
  7. Select report
  8. In the report explain that you have been blocked by this account and they are still posting hate against you. Use the Screen cap url if it’s available.
  9. Paste in the URL’s to all the tweets you want to report and send the report to Twitter.
  10. Remember, do not engage the bully; let Twitter handle it.
  11. If the bully posts more about you do the same as above and send another report in and reference the previous report’s number so the person looking can see the history.



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