The JAMIE Method


JAMIE is ever watchful and usually knows the right thing to do.  The JAMIE method offers suggestions and methodologies about best practices for being online to stay safe.

Just be yourself – while acting dramatic can sometimes be fun it gets boring very fast and you may start losing friends online. Find folks who have similar interests and start conversations with them. You will soon develop a nice circle of friends to keep in touch with.

Avoid others interfering. While it’s nice to have a set of close friends please ask them not to get involved if you get into an argument or debate with someone. Ask the same of the person. What usually happens if others get involved is that something mean will be posted and that will cause bad feelings, anger and possible bullying. Try and work out the situation by yourself. If you can’t then walk away from it and agree to disagree.

Mute instead of Block. Blocking someone sends an instant notification to the harasser that you have blocked them. They get the satisfaction that they annoyed you to the point you had to block but it may also cause them to become even more aggressive and angry and create fake accounts to continue harassment. Muting does not signal to them that you have even read their posts. They can continue to harass without you even seeing it and eventually they will tire of it and go away. This is what you want to have happen.

Ignore attempts to bait you. Usually those who harass and bully want to engage you in a war of words. You want to avoid that. They will say the most horrible things that they can think of to get you to respond. Report and Mute them.

Exit the site or app if you ever feel threatened. In this online world of information many bullies and harassers try and find out as much as they can about you to terrorize you and put fear in you of their superiority.   Much of the time they are on fake accounts that give misinformation or no information. If you ever feel threatened, report the accounts and exit the website or the app.


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