Symbols in Shipping

Invariably with all obsessions certain things become a symbol of that obsession: a flag, the mocking jay from Hunger Games, a dove, the peace symbol, etc…

With obsessive shipping in Outlander symbols abound:



Almond Butter – On January 9, 2015 in an interview with Access Hollywood, Sam Heughan revealed his guilty pleasure: Almond Butter.   On March 20, 2015 Caitriona Balfe posted a photo of her cat Eddie on Twitter and there on the table is a jar of…you guessed it…Almond butter!  This was the shippers proof that Sam and Caitriona were living together; two posts 3 months apart.  Almond Butter became the symbol of their relationship.



Carpetgate – Sam Heughan posted a image of him wearing a Seattles Seahawks football jersey and at the very bottom right you can see a bit of the beige carpet he was sitting on. Well our ever intrepid photo analysts immediately recognized the carpet from a photo that Caitriona Balfe posted on Instagram with her cat, Eddie.  Nevermind that the texture is different and the colour is different the carpet is a symbol that they live together; those pesky little differences don’t matter in obsessive shipping.


Cat Hair – Sam’s Seattle Seahawks jersey also contains another clue; allegedly cat hair from Eddie Balfe.  Now if you blow up the photo REEEAAAALLY BIG and SQUINT REEAAAAALLLY HARD; you should see the cat hair.  Yeah, I don’t see it either but they swear they can see it and they know it belongs to Eddie Balfe (Caitriona’s cat) proving (again without any proof) that this was a symbol that Sam was over at Caitriona’s house taking this photo.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.37.11 PM

Macaroons –  December 2, 2015, there is a twitter post from Sam Heughan about a late night with celebratory macaroons.  Could they have been celebrating the Christmas break in shooting which just happened to occur that night?  Noooooo! The tarot card reader shipper and the angel talking doula shipper both confirm that Sam and Caitriona were married on this day and that macaroons are the symbol of the celebration of that marriage.  Yes, you heard that right; a tarot reader AND a person who speaks with angels both confirmed it.


Hantlers – During Season One shooting a larger version of the photo above came out.  If you look to the right of Duncan’s head on the antlers you’ll see Sam and Caitriona both holding on and their hands touching.  This is the secret symbol and message of their relationship.


The Lemon – Caitriona Balfe posted this lemon with a drawn face and hands on it.  It was immediately claimed to be a love lemon from Sam.  The shippers claim it was done in Sam’s hand and that some claim that if you look even deeper you can see the word LOVE spelled out.  (Nose=L, Eye=O, Lips turned=V and hand = E.)   The background shows bedding so it was taken as a message of Sam’s love to Caitriona after a night of lovemaking.  Many shippers added Lemon symbols to their profiles on Social Media to tell Sam and Caitriona that they were in receipt of their secret message.  NOTE: Updated – see eggs below.

Update – May 6, 2018:

Today the sacred lemon symbol crashed and burned when a truther reposted the lemon picture to Caitriona and indicated that Caitriona’s now fiance Tony was the artist behind the lemony hugs sacred symbol.  Caitriona liked the tweet thus verifying that it was indeed a token from Tony and not Sam.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 9.55.29 AM


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 6.04.30 PM

Rainbows – On April 30, 2017 Caitriona changed the symbol from the Lemon to the Rainbow by tweeting out this photo she saw of a rainbow.  April 30th was Sam Heughan’s birthday and Caitriona’s tweet talks about a “good omen the year ahead.”  Rainbows were then posted by Matt Roberts and Mackenzie Mauzy who were both attacked for posting the symbol in outrage by the extreme shippers.


Eggs – On June 5, 2017 Maril Davis tweeted out a photo of two decorated eggs identifying them as Sam Heughan’s eggs.  Sam’s a healthy guy so hard boiled eggs are probably part of his diet.  It looks like Maril and Caitriona did a bit of decorating and Maril thought it was cute enough to share.  However when Maril posted the egg photo she originally said:

‘s eggs made up as Jamie and Claire

Maril then deleted that tweet and made it a bit clearer a couple minutes later:

‘s eggs made up as Jamie and Claire. Illustrations by moi and

Unfortunately the extreme shippers were all over the change calling Maril ‘shady’ because she added a few more words.

Here’s why they are upset: if you look at the Jamie egg the nose is identical to the Lemon’s nose.  So I would hazard a guess that Ms. Balfe drew the face on that particular egg which means that Ms. Balfe also drew the face on the “Love” Lemon previously.  That destroys the proof that extreme shippers held so dearly to over the previous months that the lemon was a love gift from Sam. (Update: this is now debunked as the lemon artist is Caitriona’s fiance Tony.  Could this mean that Tony and Caitriona decorated Sam’s eggs?)

You decide.  The nose is eerily similar and the upturns on the egg’s mouth seem to be very close to the two curves of the lemon’s mouth:


Could this egg be by Tony?  That would really undermine all the Supershipper’s beliefs in symbols.